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Beta Reader Information

Beta Readers are an important part of the revision process, so thank you for taking the time to review this form! We are looking for 10-15 readers to Beta Read Made & Marred, book two of the Fated Creations series!

Made & Marred has the following Content Warnings:
Anxiety, Blood, Blood Play, Death of a parent, Decapitation, Depression, Discussions of Family Planning, Discussion of Birth Control, Death, Kidnapping, Misogyny, Murder, Profanity, Sexism, Sexually Explicit Scenes, Starvation, Torture, Violence 
*since the manuscript is still going through revisions,
we will provide an updated list before sending out the manuscript
so that Beta Readers have the opportunity to decide against readin

If you are still interested in becoming a Beta Reader after reading the Content Warning above, please fill out the form!

Please note that not everyone will be contacted
for the opportunity. Those who are selected to be Beta Team members will receive an email from our team with more information!

Thank you for your time!

Sign up to be a member of my Beta Team!

What are your preferred genres?
Upon finishig the manuscript, how would you like to give feedback?

Thanks for submitting! We will review your submission and if selected, send you an email!

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